Sunday afternoon: Studio edition.

We've had a run of awesome performances at work over the last two weeks: performances at Walter Reed; an ethereal Carmina with the NSO; improv opera at Theater-in-the-Woods; a recital that was all about the number 13; and a huge, stupidly-hot, but transcendent Traviata with the NSO.

But today? Was the Studio Scenes program, and it's one of my favorite projects. This year we had 11 scenes ranging from Baroque (Serse) to Contemporary (Grapes of Wrath), and all kinds of fabulousness in between. The singers had a million other duties to see too during the rehearsal period, as well; it's a testament to their work ethic, creativity and good will that the afternoon was not just a success but a triumph.

Suffice it to say that these folks are some of my favorite people.
Bravi tutti.
(And y'all should sleep in tomorrow.)


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