We had a lovely, low-key, totally-lame Labor Day weekend mapped out. Writing, reading, working out, watching movies. It was going to be wonderfully slothful.

And then a sweet family member passed away, While his health had been up and down for a while, the last time I had seen him he seemed re-energized. We had a great conversation, and I was reminded what a gentle, loving man he was. 

We're headed to Pennsylvania tomorrow, to honor his memory, to surround his wife and sisters and children and grandchildren with love and support. 

Here's a toast to changes of plan, to supporting loved ones, to remembering friends when they're gone and making time for them while we're all here.

(photo by Mitch Dobrowner. you should check out his work.)


(re)growing pains

brain cells. i'm trying to regrow brain cells.

and, in order to do it, i'm trying to write.

(suddenly i hear Yoda's voice in my head: "there is no try. there is only do." no idea how he got in there...)

ok, Yoda. i'm writing.

i'm writing timed exercises.
i'm writing postcards.
i'm writing blog posts over at the other spot.

i'm trying to write a speech. i'd really like for said speech to not suck. actually, i'd like it to be a whole lot better than that. but it's not ready; i keep starting it, and it's like kudzu, the thoughts and examples and stories and maxims too thick and jumbled and tangential to cut through.

which just means that it's not ready to be written yet. that i don't have quite enough info to share that's not personal anecdote. (and really, i don't need to tell the story about blowing a lesson because the night before i stayed up too late at a mezz party learning of the evil beauty of grain punch.)

two more timed exercises. and then a forced march through some research in the hopes of finding a through line for this lil' talk.

(on the plus side? it is a gorgeous day to sit on the porch and read and write. mama is happy as a clam!)


Annual, semi-sappy season wrap-up.

I am one lucky beeyotch.

I spent most of the summer around extremely talented - AND extremely generous people. Smart people. Creative people. Hard-working people. Singer-people, admin-people, singer-instrumentalist-dancer-admin-add-a-descriptor-people. Funny people. Caring, sweet, ridiculous people. 

(In other words, my favorite kinds of people.)

Granted, it wasn't all sunshine and roses: Schedules were difficult. Standards were high. Priorities were many and conflicting. Personalities were large. Tensions ran high once or twice. (or maybe a million times...they were too cool and/or I was too clueless to notice.)

But by and large they rose above the petty concerns and the fatigue and the nomadic lifestyle and the outside pressures. And, because they did, I tried to, too.

They made me better, this summer. 
A better person than I was in May, when we started. 
And for that, I am exceedingly grateful.

I'll be spending the next two days with my family. Two days without needing to be at work. It will feel luxurious, and I'm guessing that I'll spend a good amount of time reading, sitting on the porch, writing, and hitting the gym in the hopes of fitting back into my pants sometime this year. But I know that I will struggle with the impulse to constantly monitor FB and email, just because I want to check in with the folks that summered with us. I feel so privileged to have these exhausting jewel-boxes of summers: my introverted self struggles with them when they're happening, but I value them so very, very much.

Travel safely, friends. And please, for realz, stay in touch.



It's the middle of August. In the greater DC area, that means that by all rights it should be a literal steam bath...high 80's with ridiculous, hair-frizzing, lethargy-inducing humidity.


Low 70's. Low humidity. The most gorgeous sunshine, making the trees shimmer like crazy green trip toys. A breeze that somehow manages to make hauling my fat ass around Northern Virginia seem more like a pleasure than a necessary evil. Holocene on Pandora, yoga on the porch, time to write, and a cup of blonde roast from Starbucks that survived the lengthy and meandering morning dog walk. 

Today is full of auditions, old friends and visiting colleagues, a dress rehearsal and a performance. (Those last 2 things are 2 different projects.) Our season is winding down, and there's a mad rush to not only DO ALL THE THINGS but to also spend quality time with all of these wonderful people before they scatter. 

Bittersweet, to be sure. But it's certainly shaping up to be a most excellent day.