Annual, semi-sappy season wrap-up.

I am one lucky beeyotch.

I spent most of the summer around extremely talented - AND extremely generous people. Smart people. Creative people. Hard-working people. Singer-people, admin-people, singer-instrumentalist-dancer-admin-add-a-descriptor-people. Funny people. Caring, sweet, ridiculous people. 

(In other words, my favorite kinds of people.)

Granted, it wasn't all sunshine and roses: Schedules were difficult. Standards were high. Priorities were many and conflicting. Personalities were large. Tensions ran high once or twice. (or maybe a million times...they were too cool and/or I was too clueless to notice.)

But by and large they rose above the petty concerns and the fatigue and the nomadic lifestyle and the outside pressures. And, because they did, I tried to, too.

They made me better, this summer. 
A better person than I was in May, when we started. 
And for that, I am exceedingly grateful.

I'll be spending the next two days with my family. Two days without needing to be at work. It will feel luxurious, and I'm guessing that I'll spend a good amount of time reading, sitting on the porch, writing, and hitting the gym in the hopes of fitting back into my pants sometime this year. But I know that I will struggle with the impulse to constantly monitor FB and email, just because I want to check in with the folks that summered with us. I feel so privileged to have these exhausting jewel-boxes of summers: my introverted self struggles with them when they're happening, but I value them so very, very much.

Travel safely, friends. And please, for realz, stay in touch.


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