It's the middle of August. In the greater DC area, that means that by all rights it should be a literal steam bath...high 80's with ridiculous, hair-frizzing, lethargy-inducing humidity.


Low 70's. Low humidity. The most gorgeous sunshine, making the trees shimmer like crazy green trip toys. A breeze that somehow manages to make hauling my fat ass around Northern Virginia seem more like a pleasure than a necessary evil. Holocene on Pandora, yoga on the porch, time to write, and a cup of blonde roast from Starbucks that survived the lengthy and meandering morning dog walk. 

Today is full of auditions, old friends and visiting colleagues, a dress rehearsal and a performance. (Those last 2 things are 2 different projects.) Our season is winding down, and there's a mad rush to not only DO ALL THE THINGS but to also spend quality time with all of these wonderful people before they scatter. 

Bittersweet, to be sure. But it's certainly shaping up to be a most excellent day.


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