An evening at home.

The chariot leaves tomorrow morning for Philadelphia, at o-dark-thirty for more auditions.

I had a whole, long list of things that I needed to do to be prepared for the next leg of the tour. And the critical things got done. But the recommended things? The 'shoulda's?

Wholly, blissfully undone. 

Today's list of things accomplished is pretty short.

I ate a cubic ton of pizza. My laundry is tumbling in the basement, in anticipation of the next flight. My Spotify account has been upgraded (and unlinked from my Facebook page), and stocked with some key repertoire choices. My anniversary present for the hubs has been purchased. I hit the mall and walked out without buying any of the things that I thought "Well, kinda.." (HUGE win for Little Miss Impulse.)

It's 6:15 on a Saturday night. And I'm going to spend the evening doing relatively nothing. (#lame #oldladyandlovingit)
-walk the dog around the neighborhood before dark, to better admire the changing leaves and the sweet smell of autumn.
- take a bath. (one hazard of travelling with a JanSport backpack - which is sturdy as all get out and suits an old woman not-at-all - is that you can load it up. Heavy pack = muscle spasm. The bath is medicinal! (As is the glass of wine!)
- pack for Philly and Chicago. Here's to hacking this short trip to crazy levels of efficiency! 

I'm always amazed by the generosity of people, of the diligence and resilience of singers, and at this time of year moreso than almost any other. I think an early bedtime will allow me to be the most open to receive, encourage, discern when the first singer opens his/her throat tomorrow morning. I struggle with saying "no" and that sadly hasn't gotten any easier. But maybe I appreciate that difficulty more now.


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