Navel Gazing.

What a day, my lovelies. What. A. Day.

And I mean that in a mostly positive way - I have three pals/relatives/mentors (and some are combinations - don't read into this too specifically if you know me IRL) who have been making some plans, and have taken some BIG steps. Life for all three of them is going to be radically different! And - I'm guessing, but it's an educated guess - it's going to be most radically awesome.

Now, I am pretty much in love with my situation - great job, great hubby (just passed 10 years married in the rearview!), great community of family and friends and neighbors. I should just be revelling in their good news right?

So, why am I feeling a little left behind? Stagnant? The good girl in me is so full of "Shoulds" that I'm wondering if I only am feeling unsettled because I feel like I should be feeling unsettled.



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