opera and extra-curriculars

We're in New York City, hearing auditions at the lovely National Opera Center in the Fashion District, where the women are uniformly 20 and impossibly thin with manes like horses. (It's enough to make a girl order another glass of wine in which to drown her flabby sorrows.)

I have a double-pronged agenda for NYC: as much opera as I can stand, and as much time with pals as I can manage. Using that measuring stick, this week has been awesomesauce. I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to, but I got some good quality time with Jason, Noelle, Manu, Justin, and Erin & Liam. 
Cutest. Baby. Ever. 

(I spent a good chunk of the afternoon making out with this little man in a hotel room. Making out = fish kisses to the forehead. I'm hoping he'll still be cool with being my boyfriend when he's 30 and I'm 106.)

I also got to see 2 shows at the Metropolitan Opera in the last 2 nights. Last night was Shostakovich's The Nose (aka Schnozzstakovich.); thorny music, a crazy/awesome production concept and great execution, and an absurdist theme that was pretty awesome. It was 2 hours - no intermission - straight through. 

Tonight was Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin. I've wanted to see it for forever, as mom's a big fan of Russian orchestral music and I grew up listening to Tchaik for kicks.  I'd never seen Netrebko, or Beczala, so when the option was to see the (almost 4-hour-long) production from standing room or not at all? Well, the choice was easy. And folks, it. was. FANTASTIC. I would totally, right this red-hot-minute, see the whole thing again FROM STANDING ROOM. That good. 

So, yeah. Good trip. One more day of auditions here (please, y'all, a note o'caution: tomorrow is NOT the day to start with Lensky or Onegin or Tatiana. Leave it on the list, but pick another starter...because you'll end of competing in a game that, for the time being, you can't win.)


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