Houston, is traditionally really good to us. And I'm going to sound a little ungrateful when I say that it was a little off its game this time. The travel karma abandoned us, the weather totally punked out (for the first time since I started traveling here in 2007), and my attitude needed a serious adjustment.

And then. We saw people. People who we adore. 

Folks at HGO - colleagues and former Trappers. A sweet alumni night at a charity bar (Okra, if you're ever in Houston - what a fantastic premise!). A great dinner with a close friend (whose wife is also a close friend, but we saw her in Chicago. How do they do it??), and a night at my first Aida - loud in volume and visuals. (To our favorite designer Bradon McDonald: if you were looking for fortuny-pleated gold lamé for any challenge, I can guarantee that this show has the country's entire stock.) 
I finally met a pint-sized, cast-sporting young man, who totally charmed me by wrapping his arms around my knees and then stating "I like grills." Now, I'm not a groupie or anything, but I've been hoping to meet this guy for a few years, so it was pretty exciting. And while his comment coulda been a non sequitur, I'll choose to think that he likes me. (And barbecue.)

After the news from LAX, I'm a little jumpy about another travel day (with another connection). Jumpiness + Imminent Thanksgiving celebration = the return of thankfulness lists. 
Thankful for:
1. For wonderful, inspiring friends, all over the country.
2. For the honest conversations that time and distance allow.
3. For non-operatic music. (I know it exists, even if I can't remember what it sounds like.)
4. For the guileless greetings of sweet kids.
5. For homecomings. 

Thanks for reading my occassional drivel. I am thankful for you, too!


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