How about just indulging?

I'm basking in post-Thanksgiving gratitude.

There's a whole crapload (not a great descriptor, I realize.) of good things, wonderful people, comfort and challenge around me. And I realize that, while it's simply part of my general makeup to be slightly dissatisfied, it doesn't reflect my circumstance: life is, in fact, exceedingly good.

In fact, sometimes it's that exceedingly good stuff that sabotages my holiday season...because I want to stuff everything as full of goodness as is possible. Events, gifts, people, food, drink - the season is the perfect excuse to overindulge in almost every single way.

I'm thinking that's maybe not going to be my style this year.

I overindulged (for me - my compadres were relatively unscathed, but I just couldn't keep up.) on Thursday. Not epically, but enough to make Friday wholly unproductive. (Bonus: hard to go to Wal-Mart on Black Friday when you're napping on the couch. I'll call it a win.) I ate very little, and had a fitful night of sleep. (The animals overindulged, too - but we all were keeping each other company on the couch in front of BBC America reruns of Sherlock Holmes at 4am.)

The side effects of an unintentional day of aseptic living, however, are quite lovely. I'm feeling lighter, less anxious. I was actually able to forget that the yoga class I was taking was really crowded (and the poor 20-something next to me was struggling something fierce - I've so been there!), and actually get to a decent mental spot to work through some of the poses I find most difficult without flipping out/immediately giving up.

The big question: can I sustain it? Can I underindulge until the moments when I'd really like to indulge? And can I find a way to skip the whole overindulging thing for just this one month? (January, with its new beginnings and the mass push towards diet and exercise, is traditionally an easy time for me to get on the bandwagon.) It's only 30 days. Will consuming and buying less give me more room to be kind to friends and colleagues, more brain cells to use towards giving thanks as opposed to stressing out?


I'm going to spend some time this afternoon making a 30-day plan for December. Regular exercise. Enough sleep. Less alcohol/butter/candy than I will want. More nourishing food. Time to reflect and journal as this year comes to a close. I realize that there is a large chance that I won't make it: some of you are wishing me a hearty hasta-la-vista already, I'd guess, and you'd be justified! But it's a marathon, not a sprint...even so, it's time to put toes on the starting line.

If anyone has tips or tricks for making it through the holiday season with more good feelings that stressed feelings, please hit me up - I'm all ears!


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