Sunday evening.

I'm home. Even though there are two days of auditions remaining, I'm home. (It makes some things more difficult, and some easier, professionally speaking.)

Yesterday I raked leaves for close to 3 hours. (You would barely have been able to tell had you walked past...although my sides and forearms are secure in the knowledge that they were overworked yesterday.) The neighbor boys have a new lawn-vacuum thing, and they practiced their skillz by catching the large piles of leaves that I missed. The yard looks goooooood!

Today I jogged around the golf course (slowly. oh so slowly.), and in doing so donated 75 cents to the ASPCA via Charity Miles.  (There's an incentive to run more, right?) I moved the French lavender and rosemary pots inside. I switched my summer and winter clothes out, and then totally mucked up the kitchen by freestyling dinner and dessert. (Acorn squash with maple butter and chicken apple sausage, and honey roasted figs with almond pecan shortbreads and ice cream.) I did about 15 minutes worth of work, but for the most part was totally, blissfully divorced from all things operatic. 

Reset: achieved. 


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