Time Out.

I have had my fanny handed to me.

My body is trying to secede from the union. My tongue is craving only things with questionable nutritional content. My eyelids weigh 2 metric tons. 

Not to whine too much: I had a lovely lunch with a pal who lives on the other side of the beltway (and who I see far too seldom, given our proximity) and an interesting phone call. And my adorable neighbors stopped by at the end of their afternoon festivities to bring us nibbles and tell us that they missed seeing us. (feeling SO loved!)But I've opted out of everything else today - the only things that I seem to be able to willingly handle are one-on-one conversation and movie-watching. 

Two things that I think you should see (for the sheer AWWwwwww factor):
Aside from spending tomorrow recuperating from whatever it is that I've done that's making me feel like an old woman, I'm looking forward to spending turkey day cooking with one of my nearest and dearest: to working only 2.5 measly days this week (HUZZAH): to spending tomorrow sitting and reading and doing laundry and cooking and little else. If I've learned anything (and granted, I'm a slow learner), it's to listen when my body tells me to recharge. 


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