identity crisis

What the what is going on?

It's close to 70 degrees here, outside of DC, on this winter solstice. I'm not complaining - it's my half-birthday, and I will self-centeredly take this lovely, balmy, shoulder-relaxing Saturday as a princely gift. I spent the day running errands with every window open, with crazy-lady wind-tossed hair, wrapping gifts and doing laundry between bouts of porch-sitting. Just having the house open to the breeze has felt like an amazing luxury.

We're heading back to Pennsylvania two days early this holiday season, for less-than-festive reasons. Hubby's grandfather - he of the eternally sunny disposition and bionic hips - took a spill that did him in. He was 98, a miner, a father of three wonderful guys. His positivity seemed to be a guarantee for longevity, yet it was one very small misstep that turned out to be catastrophic. I'm torn between being sad for the loss, and celebrating a life well-lived.

Two of my neighbors are dealing with rough runs of luck. Several friends have welcomed new additions to their families. There's good stuff and bad stuff, and somehow none of it is falling in a moderate ranges. (It's like election season, but with life events instead of politics...nothing skewing towards the dang middle!) I can't quite wrap my head around the ups and downs. But I'm happy to be here, surfing towards the end of the year.

I hope that, no matter what this holiday season brings to you (or out in you), you find a moment of true, giddy joy.

Love to you and yours.



I love radio station days, especially the fall/winter dates.

After being immersed in opera for weeks, digging into chamber music with four really knowledgeable people is enlightening, refreshing, and quite frequently hilarious. These guys are lovely, and it's a treat to spend two days (in two very small rooms) with them!

I think my favorite moment from today was talking with Bill McGlaughlin about Rosetti's poetry, Ligeti's music, and Arcade Fire.

(The only thing linear about the whole day is the format - everything else is up for grabs!)

One more day, this time without the threat of snowmageddon - looking forward!


Lazy Sunday

I typed "Lazy Sunday" but I didn't really mean it. I've been one productive bee-yatch today.

Got up and made breakfast (well, got up and threw some awesome Black Forest bacon in the oven, and then made eggs and toast once the coffee hit the bloodstream...heaven!) which was an unusual and welcome diversion from the normal Sunday morning rush to spinning class. Took the dogger for a long walk, and then ran some errands on foot, doing Christmas shopping for the niece and nephew in the neighborhood without having to deal with finding a parking space. Came home, made a vat of chili and did two metric tons of laundry. Filled birdfeeders! Chatted with a neighbor as his dog chased mine happily around the yard! Spent the day barefaced and slipper-shod!

It was lovely.

And made even lovelier for the snow that's fallen around the area. I have to say that I'll take snow over cold rain, even over frigid sunshine. Using it as an excuse to eschew the car, and spend time outside and puttering inside was perhaps the best holiday gift I could give myself. Too many of these days in a row, and yeah, I'd probably go stir-crazy.
(But really, I'd love the challenge of three or four in a row... C'mon Mother Nature, help a girl out!)

The holidays are rough and for musicians; it's usually non-stop, with performances and church services and rehearsals right up until Christmas Day. I'm grateful that I had those experiences, but am even more grateful to be able to choose whether to participate or not. Sending stamina and virtual Vitamin C to everyone who's singing their faces off this month!
(someone is unimpressed with my crafting skillz.)


It's the Most! Wonderful tiiiiiiime....

Yesterday was weird and awesome:

  • It rained buckets and buckets of icy cold rain. (neither weird or awesome, but notable.)
  • I saw studies by Van Gogh, the real things. And a drawing by Gaugin that he painted - I love the visual collaboration. (Musical collaborations can be so fleeting! It's lovely to see two artists who play well together.)
  • We had lunch with our 2012 intern, who is thriving at WNO. There's little better than seeing someone come into their own!
  • Dinner with the cousins - my hubby's family is wonderful, and we get together far too seldom given how much we enjoy each other's company.
Today was also weird and awesome:
  • Did a headstand in yoga class! Did it, without falling over onto any other class members! (Double bonus points for that, right?)
  • Spent several hours at the Filene Center for Holiday Sing! Marine Band, hundreds of carolers, and impromptu dancing (video below).
I'll welcome the weird and awesome to banish this week's horrible Wednesday.

I'm currently thawing out on the couch, looking forward to the ice that's supposed to hit tomorrow, and hoping that it'll be just enough to keep me in the house but not enough to really impact the area. Here's hoping that you're curled up in the most lovely way, 




Well, that was a day.
As in, a rough day. 

I'm grateful that I don't have them so often.
I'm a little embarrassed at the way I handled almost all of it.
I'm thankful for the people that made the day lighter, easier, more fun.

Mostly? I'm grateful for mom's (and shakespeare's) saying "and this too shall pass." Because I'm going to bed. 

And tomorrow will be a new day.