It's the Most! Wonderful tiiiiiiime....

Yesterday was weird and awesome:

  • It rained buckets and buckets of icy cold rain. (neither weird or awesome, but notable.)
  • I saw studies by Van Gogh, the real things. And a drawing by Gaugin that he painted - I love the visual collaboration. (Musical collaborations can be so fleeting! It's lovely to see two artists who play well together.)
  • We had lunch with our 2012 intern, who is thriving at WNO. There's little better than seeing someone come into their own!
  • Dinner with the cousins - my hubby's family is wonderful, and we get together far too seldom given how much we enjoy each other's company.
Today was also weird and awesome:
  • Did a headstand in yoga class! Did it, without falling over onto any other class members! (Double bonus points for that, right?)
  • Spent several hours at the Filene Center for Holiday Sing! Marine Band, hundreds of carolers, and impromptu dancing (video below).
I'll welcome the weird and awesome to banish this week's horrible Wednesday.

I'm currently thawing out on the couch, looking forward to the ice that's supposed to hit tomorrow, and hoping that it'll be just enough to keep me in the house but not enough to really impact the area. Here's hoping that you're curled up in the most lovely way, 


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