I tried something new today. Namely, a Baptiste yoga class at a lovely Falls Church studio. The people were warm and friendly, the class was fun and challenging, and I won't lie - sweating my heinie off when it was frigid outside felt absolutely luxurious.

It made me realize how seldom I try new things. And how rewarding I find the process, when I do.

(Likely not a coincidence that a profile of this CEO in the NYT totally piqued my interest...)

Here's to shaking things up, to trying something new, even when it's on the smallest scale. 
(I don't know about you, but I'm living on the edge and brushing my teeth left-handed tonight. CRAZY!)


Teh sad.

Oh, y'all. It's Friday. And I'm a hot mess.

(Actually, a cold mess. And that's likely part of the problem.)

I've been on the brink of (non-hormonally-induced) tears almost all day. It's likely a sign that I'm fighting something off, but it's made the day and its small inconveniences pretty tough. And the Sad has been exacerbated by the cold, by a stopped up sink, by a filthy house... by too many projects and not enough giving-a-shit.

I know these days happen to everybody, but I feel like I'm having a bit of a run of them. I miss my inner Pollyanna. If you've seen her, let me know? And if you have a good way for getting out of a funk, I'm all ears for that, too.



Well, if these few days are any indication, I'm going to spend 2014 going to the gym, eschewing tv and most conversation, baking ridiculous amounts of horrible (read: delish) things, reading whole books in days, spending hours dancing in the kitchen, chatting with the neighbors, ignoring the office, and going to bed ridiculously early.

I'm totally ok with all of it.

We got a beautiful snowstorm last night, and while it was as cold as all-get-out this morning, my usual walk with the dog took us to a creekbed transformed by snow and sunlight. It was so beautiful, and for a moment I wished that I had my camera. And, just as suddenly, I was quite happy to not have it, and focused on the beauty of the moment rather than trying to share it with people.

It was a fundamental shift, I won't lie. Probably an overdue one, too.

The holidays were stressful this year - tragedy, anxiety, all mixed together in a nasty stew. There were wonderful parts, to be sure - but I'm grateful to have this time at home to clear my head, my heart, my home.

I'll be spending the rest of the weekend listening to music, reading, going to the gym. And distributing more of those horrible things to neighbors, because momma's pants aren't so much fitting. (And I'm ok with that too...I likely shouldn't be, but I am.)

Hoping your 2014 is off to exactly the kind of start you need.