Teh sad.

Oh, y'all. It's Friday. And I'm a hot mess.

(Actually, a cold mess. And that's likely part of the problem.)

I've been on the brink of (non-hormonally-induced) tears almost all day. It's likely a sign that I'm fighting something off, but it's made the day and its small inconveniences pretty tough. And the Sad has been exacerbated by the cold, by a stopped up sink, by a filthy house... by too many projects and not enough giving-a-shit.

I know these days happen to everybody, but I feel like I'm having a bit of a run of them. I miss my inner Pollyanna. If you've seen her, let me know? And if you have a good way for getting out of a funk, I'm all ears for that, too.


Anonymous said…
But you were cranking out All The Work at a dizzying pace this week...

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