I heart sleep. A lot.

I don't know about you all, but I feel like this winter has been all about TRYING TO DO ALL THE THINGS while dodging bitter cold and trying to keep the norovirus away. It's a pretty complicated little two-step, and I'm not doing all that great a great job.

But my perspective has shifted significantly this morning. (The result is most likely due to having fallen stone cold asleep on the couch last night before NBC even had a chance to air the Olympic figure skating semis.) Sleep is awesome - it's free, and enough of it makes most problems seem totally conquerable.

My friends who have kids will talk about their sleep getting heavier right before they take a big developmental jump. And honestly, with the amount of change happening at work (good stuff, to be sure), I guess that my brain just needs some extra rewiring time.

Big weekend coming up: Today, a site visit with one of our artistic teams, some prep for a weekend event, and a saxophone quartet concert at The Barns. Saturday I'll likely spend cleaning my pigsty of a house (Labrador + rain = MUD. Sweet heavens.) And Sunday we have some singers coming in, and have a chance to meet with a group of our people to give them a sneak peek of the summer season. (It's gonna be AWESOME, for the record.)

In the middle of all this, I'm trying to restructure some programs, and we're interviewing for a third staff member. After 14+ years of being 2.5, the addition of another person isn't something we're taking lightly, and it's something that will be helpful, but is forcing this kind of rewiring. Lots of big decisions to be made.

But today? I'm ready for it.
(if you're interested, I'm keeping a one-sentence #lazyjournal over on instagram)
(In other news, we're welcoming one of these little squiggles home at the end of March. Wheeeeee!)


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