Introverts Unite!

I have lots to say about the season and it's awesomeness. (Awesominity?) But instead, let me tell you about my Saturday.

I'm kicking off a week staycation, and after being sparkly and on for most of the summer, I took a full day (unintentionally) to appease my inner introvert. The day went like this:

  • 5am. Wake up to a dog nose-whistling. Fed the hounds, and then we all fell back to sleep (hallelujah!) until 6am
  • Gave said hounds chewie toys at 6am; Napped for another 45 minutes on the couch as they chewed.
  • Woke up for realz. Coffee. Journal. Porch time with the critters. A chat with the neighbor.
  • 8:30-9:30am Start & finish a beginner Code Academy class on CSS.
  • 9:30-noon. Red up (clean) the house. Laundry, vacuum all the dog hair. (A larger job than one might assume.)
  • Noon-1pm. Walk around the neighborhood, with my new favorite playlist from my colleague Kevin. Stare at a snapping turtle who was just chilling under the water.
  • 1pm. Shower and clean up. Lunch!
  • 3pm. Start to read. Nap instead. For two hours.
  • 6pm. Pick up sushi for dinner. 
  • 8pm. Transcribe botanical and watchmaker journal pages for The Smithsonian. Such awesome geeky fun!

Other notes.
Phone: dead. Didn't notice until I couldn't order sushi at 6. If you've tried to find me, I'll be back online by tomorrow am. (well, later tonight, but I'm going to bed.)
Number of people I spoke to today: 2, including my husband.
Time I'm going to bed: sometime within the next 2 hours. 

It's been a wonderful, antisocial, rejuvenating kind of day. Looking forward to a week of getting my geek on - outside of the office!

The return of My Five - 5 things I'm grateful for:
  1. Naps. 
  2. Avocado.
  3. Quiet. (There's still so much to listen to.)
  4. Cobalt blue.
  5. Good music.


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