bullet points.

  • I found a dog in the park yesterday as I was walking Boo. He was skinny, but friendly and adorable in a pet-fox kind of way. He had three leashes attached to his halter, and was dragging them through the park. I tried to walk him with Boo, to see if I could find where he might live, but his energy (and desire to constantly hump my dog, who was a good 40 lbs heavier and having NONE OF IT) meant that we didn't get very far. Some nice neighbors held him while I called Hubs to pick Boo up, and then I walked our Mystery Guest around the neighborhood, seeing if he'd drag me somewhere or if I would hear someone calling for him. No dice. He refused kibble (also brought by Hubs on another drive-by), and  I finally turned him over to the police after about 2 hours walking. They took him to see if he'd been chipped, and then he was going to the shelter. At least he'll get some food and maybe a checkup...it's all I can do to not call and check in, even though with the gimpy puppy at our house there's no way we can take him. But if you're in the market for a skinny sweet Akita, check with the Vienna pound. He'd be great with a family!
  • After the whole dog thing, I came home to start cooking. Because, even though we don't go anywhere for Turkey Day, it doesn't mean that mama doesn't cook! A small turkey, dressing, taters, cranberry jelly and an apple crisp with salted caramel sauce...and green beans and brussels sprouts that never made it into the oven when I saw exactly how much food I had made for only 2 of us. (The sad thing? The leftovers are almost gone. HOW CAN THAT BEEEEE???)
  • Had an x-ray of my knees done last week, because they were hurting almost constantly. The x-ray came back showing some damage, but not as much as would explain the pain...which means (to me, anyways) that I need to take some weight off and that all the bitching I was doing about not being able to run is 100% null and void. Ran through the cold rain on Wednesday, went again this morning. I'm starting all over again with a couch to 5k program, but it feels pretty easy physically - which is great, because it's a HUGE lesson in humility. Hoping to get back into the mindset by signing up for some short race sometime soon, just to get back into it. I forgot how running in the cold makes me feel doubly like a badass, even when I'm super slow.
  • Made an appointment to give blood tomorrow. Early workout, donate some red stuff, and then start making pierogi guts. Fair warning: if we usually exchange gifts, I can all but guarantee that this year, mine to you will not be gluten or lactose free. Sorry.
Hoping you enjoyed your stuffing/turkey/pie breakfast as much as I did. Happy weekending!


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