Is this real life?

The Audition Tour for the 2015 season is over. GLORY, HALLELUJAH.

Seems like life should be easy now, right? But my mind and ears are so full that I'm not actually really able to carry on a conversation that isn't about opera or casting.  I am officially the worst dinner guest ever. Good thing I'm staying in tonight, right?

To counteract the ear fatigue (and the brain fatigue, obvs), I spent most of the day writing my documents for my annual review (GAH), and nesting in a big way. My house? SPOTLESS. Stem to stern. Dusted, vacuumed, mopped, organized. I should throw a dinner party tonight, it looks so good! (Trouble is, I'm in my yoga pants and a knit cap, and I will not be putting on a lady face for any reason. Also, I made meatloaf and ate enough of it that I may never eat again.)

But the day wasn't without excitement.

  • A shelf in my pantry broke. Dishes everywhere, and one of my favorite pieces of cookery sustained a broken lid.
    • Superglue to the rescue! Lid saved!
    • But wait...lid stuck to the kitchen counter? LID STUCK TO THE KITCHEN COUNTER. #fixitfail
    • Acetone to the rescue! (I could just imagine the convo with the hubby, and the mix of amusement and frustration that would likely roll across his face.)
  • Our pup Henry found a new favorite spot - on the bed in the guest room!
    • Henry is afraid of the bed in the guest room, and won't get down. (Terrifying, all that carpet...)
    • Henry sang the song of his people for 10-15 minutes (because I couldn't believe he was stuck) before I hoisted the little tub off the bed. 
    • Henry immediately ran downstairs and peed on the (newly vacuumed) living room carpet. (BAD PUPPY.)
    • an hour later, Henry treed himself on the same guest room bed. Again. A Rhodes scholar, he is not. I, however, can be taught...the door to the guest room is now closed. 
None of the "excitement" was musical or operatic or, in truth, particularly exciting. But it provided just enough adrenalin to get all of the items on the 'to do' list checked off. And, with the cold weather finally hitting the DC area, I'm looking forward to spending the weekend writing, reading, and getting reacquainted with my piano while Old Man Winter breezes into town.   

Grateful for:
  1. Candlelight.
  2. The return of hat weather. (I should blow off the salon until May...)
  3. Meatloaf. Comfort food is a wonderful thing!
  4. A clean house. 
  5. Almond milk lattes. Peet's rocks my world.


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