Taking Stock

It's the 11th of December. (which, according to TimeHop, means that I should have my annual sinus infection/cough/bout of laryngitis. AND LO AND BEHOLD IT WAS SO.)

It's the 11th of December. And life is pretty good, and also pretty lame. I'm not whooping it up much (see paragraph #1), but even without the sequins, life is pretty ok.

  • The pup is rabble-rousing like a non-surgically-violated puppy, so I'm guessing that he's feeling better. Which is awesome.
  • As far as work, I've got a truly kick-ass group of young singers on the docket for next summer. We are going to have some ridiculous fun!
  • Also as far as work, I've got this new classical music project that I'm super stoked for. SUPER. STOKED. And, in my nefarious plan to conquer the world and learn many things while I do it, I'm not only getting to know a very cool artist, but am learning to listen in a different way. It's ├╝ber-nerdy, and I'm loving the whole process.
  • Two more work things: 
    • We have decorated the basement with lights and trees and such, and it is A Holiday FESTIVAL. 
    • KPW is going to be a grandma in a week! And Tim the Builder is expecting child #2 shortly thereafter! We're going to have Trap babies next summer, which is the Christmas gift that will keep on giving. 
I have a metric shit-ton of Pierogi to make in the next few days...and the part of my brain that likes to avoid hard work is throwing me distracting messages, like "you need to go buy more supplies JUST IN CASE" and "What if you can't find cute containers to pack them in? They'll be ghetto pierogies and no one will ever eat them." Which makes me think I'll likely wake up tomorrow, drink some coffee, brush my teeth and start the first batch of dough, before I have time to consider alternatives.

It's pazzo. Had you asked me 20, 15, 10, even 5 years ago I would've not have expected being here, in this place, now.  Life is nothing - really, nothing  like I would've ever expected it to be. 

And yet, it's still a wonderful fit. 

My five:
  1. Codeine cough syrup. (#betterlivingthroughchemistry)
  2. West Wing reruns.
  3. Flour. Damn you, low carb everything.
  4. Slippers with fleecy insoles.
  5. Hats. Life is better with my hair hidden under a toasty cap.


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