Short post...

...mostly because it's July, and even easy things are somehow hard this month. Not bad - there's so much good happening! But really, it's just that there's so MUCH much happening right now. It's overwhelming.

Today was Monday. The Monday after what was for many lucky sonsabiches a long holiday weekend, but for us was one day to look at fireworks and drink a beer and realize how much adrenalin is carrying us through and how tired we are. (Or maybe that was just me.)

I started today late for a meeting that I SWORE started an hour after it actually did. And was fully booked - sometimes triple-booked - for the rest of the day. And time somehow folded in on itself, and what was an 11-hour workday accordioned into something that felt only 5-6 hours long, if I were holding 3 conversations simultaneously and lifting weights continuously.

But the conversations were all great, because the people are lovely...and my colleagues again buoyed me up in the most wonderful way; even if I didn't have the headspace to accept it or say thank you.

Now I'm home after a gorgeous Wandel for our amazing production of Ghosts. Watching this project come together has been a career high point for me - not only because the work itself is weird and wonderful, but the people involved in the show are as weird, and as wonderful, as they come. And I mean 'weird' as the dictionary defines it:
  1. 1.
    suggesting something supernatural; uncanny.

Uncanny? Yes. Supernatural? Most Definitely. Enchanting? That too. 

Here's to finding the weird and the wonderful in all of our overscheduled lives. 

(And another toast to knowing when it's time to hit the hay...'night folks.)


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