The Million-Year July

Every summer I think "well, when we start to taper down I'll be able to hang out with singers/catch up on my inbox/go to bed early."

But this season? Instead of tapering, we're rushing like Wile E. Coyote for the cliff's edge.

(In reality? It's always like's the beauty of a holey memory.)

This week we had:

  • an AIDA with 4 alums and a group of our current artists. It rocked.
  • Studio Spotlight, a scenes program, with our Studio Artists. It also rocked.
  • Two days of colleague auditions for the Studio. They sang their FACES off.
  • Tonight's Vocal Colors recital at The Phillips Collection. It totally rocked.
This weekend we have 4 performances: 2 with the National Symphony, and 2 recitals with Steven Blier. We start overnight techs for Butterfly on Monday. I should also start my preshow talk, eh? yes. yes I should actually write a preshow talk...because I am not smart enough to riff.)

(And did I mention that all of the Chamber Music performances are announced next week and all of the materials are just now being vetted? And our big national grant applications' internal deadlines are next week?)

There is so much to do. But holy crap, y'all. I'm TIRED. 

(whinefest over. for now. thanks for indulging me.)


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