Heinz post.

Yep. A Ketchup/catch-up post.

  • Summer was baller. (i know, i know...but i do love that word.) Great people, great productions, great music. Another really fulfilling season, and while I'm not surprised at this point, I am grateful and in awe of my colleagues who have done some amazing artistic things. Tutti bravi!
  • I took two weeks off at the end of the season. I thought I was going to help Mom through some post-op, but ended up not...I have little to show for the time, but it was GLORIOUS.
  • Jessica Vanderhoof from Artists on Fire helped me streamline my closet. I gave a million things away...and somehow I'm having an easier time getting dressed in the morning.
  • I opened an Etsy store for my doodles. 
  • Hubs and I spent time with neighbors and pals, and did a lot of puttering around the house. We got new back steps and new plants (which we're trying to not kill in the glorious low-humidity.)
  • The University of Maryland invited me to sit for 2 days of audition intensives with their students. It was a thrill to go back to my alma mater, and to hear some great singing.
  • Had a great evening here: beautiful, AND tasty!
  • I missed the Wolf Trap Ball this year, but it was by all accounts a great evening. (Shout out to Bob and Tim for the beautiful scenery, and to Alyson & Robert & Josephine and the Inscape chamber players for making such beautiful music.)
  • I started a new diet. (shocker)
  • My hair went from blonde to brownish grey. It's likely closer to my natural color, but I'm going to subscribe to revisionist history for a while longer...salon appointment on Thursday.
We leave for auditions on Saturday. Many miles to go before then, and to be wholly honest, I'm far from ready in every category...I'm struggling with just about everything, across the board: my self, my job, my habits, my goals...all of it. 

Tomorrow is Yom Kippur, and while I'm not Jewish (although I have ancestors who converted from Judaism to Catholicism upon reaching the US), I'm thinking that a day of fasting/introspection might not be a good way to jolt me out of this fog/funk. Also, tomorrow Pope Francis says mass in DC...and maybe some of that divine goodness might waft its way out to the burbs, to a girl who needs it. 

I believe in miracles, even if I can't commit to a religious tradition. :)

Hoping you find yourself in the new routine of autumn, with low humidity and peaceful evenings and beautiful skies forever amen. 


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