Autumn Redux

Timehop is both a blessing and a curse: every fall it shows me all of the wonderful people & places I've been on the audition tour. The unspoken/unframed reality is that we're always working like dogs to put together a season in the most appropriate (or most bass-ackward) way we can, by selecting singers first, and the rep that will serve them best second. I'm finding that there's a 4-year cycle of sorts - I know that I'll revisit people and places that I love within 4 years, even know I could intend to spend quality time with them every year.

In some ways that's a total cop-out; in others, the time is just right. I blame you, maturity/advancing age, for making me realize that there are great relationships that manage themselves beautifully on that very rotation - even if I want to increase the frequency.

The sad thing that Timehop has revealed is that, at this time last year we were taking our sweet puppy in for joint surgery. Fast forward a year, and we're sadly doing the same thing. Numbering aong the pros are the fact that we trust these vets implicitly, that we know it's going to cost a BAJILLION dollars,  and that we've figured out how to trust each other through the process. Cons are, well, he's 20 months old and just went through a second surgery. He'll never be whole, and we'll have to restrict him for the rest of his life. (the surgeon said "well, got a lemon. but he's just so charming! You'll have a hard time bringing him home, our folks love him so. ")

So, It's mid-November. Veterans' Day is tomorrow - my Father-in-Law served, my dad's favorite Uncle was killed by a sniper in Korea, my nephew has his commissioning ceremony next summer. My puppy is in pieces downstairs, the big dog and cat are spastic with the tension in the house, and I've eaten not one but TWO of the jumbo Reese's cups that I had stashed in the freezer for emergencies.

Not my proudest hour.

I was struggling, and my colleague sent me a video of a little boy chugging around an obstacle course: he was working reeeeeally hard to make it through some events, but he just did it, without question. That little boy is my new spirit animal: here's yet another toast to trying, to attempting, to giving your all, even when you're pretty sure the goal is waaaaay out of coverage. 


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