I feel like the summer months are full in ways that the rest of the year can't begin to approach.

The warmer weather often makes get-togethers easier and more fun. My job is amazingly intense in the summer, with interesting people and gorgeous projects vying for time and space in the schedule and in my head. And having those extra hours of daylight makes it feel like there's more space and time available to do any number of things.

Today and tomorrow are great examples of the fullness of summer. Today's rundown so far:

  • up at 5:30am to hit the box and workout one last time with my WODwife before she moves to Texas. (tears and burpees and donuts, all before 7am.)
  • home to clean and wrestle with email and walk the dogs. (maybe also a disco nap...)
  • headed into the office for a few hours to wrestle more email and pick up some items
  • drove into DC to Union Market, one of my favorite places, for the dress rehearsal of this. (which, for the record, is going to be BALLER.) Watching young ballet dancers interacting with our singers makes for a special kind of magic.
  • Home likely by midnight, to do a variation (without burpees but with orchestra and lots of Rossini) of today, tomorrow.
Not tallied in that list? Some wonderful conversations with artists and friends. A long chat with mom. A truly delicious cup of black coffee (imbibed after 3pm, so I'll be able to stay up until midnight easily! #oldpeopleproblems). A great manuscript that came to a surprising ending. And some truly lovely people-watching.

In the winter I can't imagine having crazy days like this and enjoying them...funny how in the summer, the exact opposite seems to be the case. 


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