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It's 1:13am the (very early) morning after the last show of the season. And I wish that I could process this, this leave-taking, without having to do it publicly... but alas for any poor reader who has stumbled on this space, it seems to not be the case.

Let's get real: this is not my first rodeo. In fact, it's my 12th rodeo.

(Gah. How did THAT happen?! That's a whole other post...)

And it was a LONG rodeo this year. Those folks who were there from the very beginning to the very end - the cast & composer of our children's opera to name without naming them - spent 16 weeks with us.

Sixteen. Weeks.

For a company who usually crams as many things into 10-12 weeks as they can, having the extra 4 weeks should be an embarrassment of riches, right? THINK OF ALL THE THINGS WE CAN DOOOOO!Sadly, when you're tired, it can be hard to spend those artistic we might've learned (again...or been reminded of in more accurate language) this summer.

Here's the thing: regardless of the struggles every year, I'm still left with a number of impressions that are worth considering, and maybe sharing. (Yes, this is the point where she tries to justify publicly writing so late at night) I write this hoping that next year at this time I'll be reminded of the gratitude I'm feeling this evening :

  • The artists who summer with us throw their whole selves into their assignments: they prepare and bring their own ideas into the process, while simultaneously remaining open to the feedback of directors and conductors. It's a difficult balance...but one I wish that we (read: society in general) could mimic in our daily personal/business/political lives. 
  • I never EVER get to know the singers as well as I'd like. But I listened to this today, and the piece about intergenerational friendships hit me as a HUGE missed opportunity. (TL;DR: let's be frands!)
  • I love the singers, but am completely in awe of the music staff & stage management. They are the folks who, on an hourly basis, demand excellence...and temper those demands with kindness and understanding. If there was an empire built on maximizing human potential? You'd want those teams running it, no doubt.
Long story short? (thank goodness for the scroll bar yo.) These are good people, who did beautiful, awe-inspiring work. (some of 'em for 16 weeks!) And I'm so dang lucky to have been able to bask in the glow of their goodwill and artistry.

Time limit is up. Mama's going to bed. Safe travels to you all.


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