Total Eclipse!

There's an aria from a Handel opera/oratorio  (honestly I feel like those 2 terms are nearly interchangeable in his oeuvre) that begins with that exclamation...and while I'd be lying if I said that it was playing through my head this afternoon, it definitely came to mind unbidden a few times.

Right now, in the eclipse's aftermath I am listening to a construction vehicle that's been in reverse for the last 20 minutes. It's pretty awesome. (Not really...cranking Pandora in the hopes that it'll drown it out, or that the crew will quit for the day shortly.)

But no lie, the eclipse itself was indeed pretty freaking awesome. I was alive for the one in the 70s, but have no recollection of it - could've been too young, could've been overcast or not on the path, could've been napping I suppose. I took today off work in a coincidental way: our season closed on Saturday, and I was planning to use today to get rid of the first layer of dog hair in the house, and to regrow some brain cells. I ordered eclipse glasses when I realized that I was going to be home to see it. And while I was puttering throughout the actual show (I ran to the grocery store, & took a spare set of glasses with me & gave them to one of the cashiers - when I pulled out with my eggs and lemons, there was a group of 7 people, employees and patrons both, taking turns with the glasses and vocalizing delight and disbelief. It was super cool.), it was way more interesting than I was expecting it to be.

It was amazing. The way the light changed? The charged feeling in the air? Unreal. And, here in Northern Virginia, one of those crazy brief thunderstorms passed through just a few minutes after the eclipse reached its peak: the sun was reduced to a small orange (due to the first, y'all) crescent in the sky, clouds started passing in front first in small wisps and then in more solid formations; a gentle mist of rain blew in, and then stronger winds... and then BOOM a full-on downpour, as if the heavens had opened up. And when the storm cleared there was still a bite taken out of the sun...just to prove that I didn't imagine the eclipse in the first place, right?

Either of those two phenomena - the eclipse or the beautiful storm - would've been stunning on their own. But together? Together it felt like magic.

And I just didn't realize how much I missed that feeling.

Nature: 1
Rahree's Curmudgeonly Tendencies: 0


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