It's the MOST! Wonderful tiiiiiiiime.....

...of the yeeeeeear!
(Well, almost.)

We leave Friday to start our annual audition tour. It'll be my 12th, (how did THAT happen?) and I've learned a few things along the way. Indulge me, will you?

  • Get all of the socializing done at the beginning of the tour. If you cast the way we do, which is to wait until we hear everyone and then distill the talent into appropriate repertoire? The end of the tour is fraught with hearing the last of the auditions, cramming operas and their particular roles (and the sizes and tessituras of those roles) into your head, and casting various possible scenarios...which leaves you (read: me) unable to accomplish most regular non-operatic conversation. #dumbasaboxofrocks
  • Carry-on. There's always one layover that is either ridiculous or completely stupid; Don't let your clothes/records/electronics get to your destination before (or worse, after) you do. 
  • Pack fewer things. My colleagues and I are going to see each other in the same outfit A LOT. We do not collectively care. 
  • Avail yourself of your sink and/or the hotel laundry. I have this thing about working out, which means a LOT of smelly gym clothes...and I'm not willing to forego the workouts OR wear those clothes more than once without washing. (Let's be honest: working out isn't something I need excuses to weasel out of...and slipping into previously sweaty gym gear is basically a reason to sleep in and have a mimosa.) Woolite and hotel laundry to the rescue! #goals
  • Pack the things that matter. My priorities this time around are ever so slightly different than in years past, and they skew towards three goals: health, creativity & nutrition. So I'm making room for sneakers, protein shakes to help me meet my nutrition goals, raspberry tea to unwind in my room at the end of the day, a good speaker for music/spoken word, and a small tablet for sketching and watercolors. AND if I take all those things? Imma need to cut back on the number of shoes I bring. (We'll see how this goes, ultimately...)
  • The dregs. I'm bringing gym clothes that I don't love, the dregs of my blush and foundations, trial size perfumes...and as I run out I'm throwing things out. If I don't wear it? I leave it in the closet. The divesting of these little things don't save me much room really, but they make me feel psychically much lighter.
When you're traveling, what rules do you live by?


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