Things I Thought I'd Have Mastered By Now: One in an Occasional Series

Y'all, my 45th birthday is coming up! And while I loooove birthdays, this one is a little weird.

  • I am definitely an adult, even though I vacillate wildly between feeling like an adolescent freak and a geriatric homebody.
  • I am pretty squarely in midlife - definitely not young anymore, but only really old in the eyes of children and college students. 
As I reflect, I realize that there are two big groups of things that are surprising to me, and they fall fairly neatly into one of two categories; things I never thought I'd do/have done/be able to do at 45, and those things that I was prettttty sure I was going to master by 45 but that are still eluding me.

So, in the spirit of wildly boring public navel-gazing, I'm going to write about both of those categories. At worst, you can click over to reddit or the 'gram for more interesting/picturesque content. At best, maybe I'll be so pathetic that you feel way better about yourselves! (You're welcome.)

(And if you're in your twenties and thirties, please know that I live a fairly successful life even with my significant deficiencies. Chances are you will be able to, as well.)

Never Thought I'd Do:
  • Lift weights for fun. I took up my mom's rallying cry and eschewed most physical activity in my teens. (My H.S. gym class was nicknamed "Bobo Gym" because we were SO uncoordinated/unmotivated.) I danced in college, and started running shortly thereafter, and have had a gym habit for most of my adult life - yoga, aerobics, pilates, bikram (once and NEVER AGAIN, mostly because I can't afford a 3-hour post-class nap every day...though I'm keeping it in mind for retirement...) My hubby is an athlete, and he got me into Crossfit about a year and a half ago. (He's a good influence, that guy.) I love that it's no-nonsense, a little grungy (because putting my lady face on just to sweat it off at the gym is NOT an option), and also a little ridiculous. (Wait, HOW MANY wallballs???) I have a hip injury that is limiting some of my work in the gym, but I have goals that I'm taking baby steps towards every day and an awesome, supportive community. Related: I am a crazy awesome asset if you're traveling (let me lift your bags into the overhead bin for you, everyone on the plane!), or needing to move large furniture or pianos (#otherdutiesasassigned).
Thought I'd be Able To Do:
  • Throw with some accuracy. I was a decent dart player years ago, when I had a lovely pub habit. But no dog is a patient fetch partner, but sometimes I go high when I intend to go long...and that's why there's a stuffed chicken on my roof.

(Spoiler alert: I'm exponentially more thrilled with the things I can do than those I can't...mostly because 'can' is SO much more fun and interesting than 'can't,' amiright?)

Tell me: what have you tackled that's surprised you? OR what developmental milestone are you still not able to hit? 


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